Fight Grime!

Join Mighty Maxx and become a grime fighter!

Always wanted to be a superhero, but hate working out? Do you perform every-day heroics but don’t feel the need for a cape or mask? Would you rather drive to the rescue than fly? 

Become your family’s greatest hero and join our Grime Fighter Loyalty Program! You will receive a FREE Mighty Wash just for signing up!

Buy 10 washes and get a Mighty Wash, our most powerful car wash, for free! Just like our fast passes, we’ll install an electronic strip, your own grime-fighting badge of honor, on your windshield that records your visits.  After 10 washes, the 11th is on us! Ask an attendant for more details at any of our 5 West Texas Locations! 

Visit today to see what makes our washes MIGHTY!